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Adi Se:sha incarnated as Bhagavad Ra:manuja. After Ra:ma:nujacharya completed his avata:ra, Se:sha was again born as another Acharya after few years. Who?

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Manava:la ma:munigal


Manava:la ma:munigal is a divine incarnate of Adi Se:sha. He lived on this earth for 80 years (from 1370 to 1450 AD) to reaffirm and revive the practices established by Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja. He graced us commentaries on many sacred texts. He learnt the essence of Tiruva:ymozhi from his acharya and was very adept at delivering discourses on that, which is called “Bhagavad Vishayam”. Lord Rangana:tha wanted to enjoy this nectar and summoned him to his presence; ordered that all other sevas be suspended for one full year in Sri:rangam, so that he could listen to Ma:munigal’s discourses on Bhagavad Vishayam in an un-interrupted fashion. Thus, the Lord himself treated him as his acharya. At the end of that one year, Lord Himself came as a small boy and submitted a taniyan / invocation verse about his a:charya – “Sri:saile:sa daya:pa:tram…” as a mark of respect. Even today, the devotees wish every single day that Ma:munigal’s grace be on us for another 100 years from now – “…innam oru nu:tta:ndiram”

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