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After preparing the bed for his acharya he lied down on it to test if the bed was comfortable, before his acharya lied down on it. Who is this?

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Govinda Perumal (Embar) used to lie down on the bed after preparing it for his acharya Sri Saila Purna in order to make sure it will be comfortable for him. CHeck notes for further information


Jai Sriman Narayana
Once, Govinda Perumal prepares the bed for Sri Saila Purna (Periya thirumalai nambi) and lies down on it first before his acharya lies down. When Swami Ramanuja sees this, he lets Sri Saila Purna know about this and Nambi enquires from Govinda Perumal about the incident. Govinda Perumal says he will get narakam (hell) for this act but he does not mind that. He says that he was testing to ensure that the bed will be very comfortable for his Acharya. So he did not worry about his fate but was more concerned about his Acharyas divine shari:ra .

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