Andal calls the Lord by 5 differemt names in the 5th thiruppavai pasuram. What are they?

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The 5 names of Lord in A:zhi mazhai kanna
1. Ma:yanai – The one who has amazing ability to create the physical nature and the beings and protect them.
2. mannu vada madurai maindanai – ‘Mighty One of Northern Madhura !
3. thu:ya peruni:r yamunaith thuraivan – ‘The One who sports on the bank of Yamuna of pure waters.’
4. aayar kulathila tho:ndriya ani vilakkai – ‘ O ! The glowing diamond of Namda Vraja!’
5. tha:yai kudal vilakkam seida damo:daran – ‘O! The Illuminator of His mother, Da:mo:dara!

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