Fill up appropriately. In the ku:darai vellum pa:suram, Godha devi mentions aprasadam made with milk, rice and ghee.
Milk is like ____, cooked rice is ________ and clarified butter is _______
1. Prakruthi
2. Parama:thma:
3. Individual soul

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In the ku:darai vellum pa:suram, Godha devi mentions a prasadam made with milk, rice and ghee.
Milk is like Individual soul, cooked rice is Prakruthi and clarified butter is Parama:thma:
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From Bhakti Nivedana Dec 2017
In that paasuram Go:da: De:vi describes that the dish was prepared by cooking rice in milk. Clarifed butter was added to it generously. There are three ingredients in it, namely cooked rice, milk and clarifed butter. When cooked, rice and milk cannot be separated at all. When the clarifed butter is added to it, the butter will not lose its identity. But it will impart sweet smell and smoothness to the mixture of the other two ingredients. When cooked, the volume of rice increases. When it is mixed with milk, the identity of milk is lost. Milk is like the individual soul. Cooked rice is Prakruthi. Clarifed butter, which joins them and imparts them significance, is Parama:thma::. Of the three ingredients, clarifed butter alone remains without getting mixed up. Parama:thma may join Ji:va and Prakruthi, may impart sweet smell (gandha) and taste (rasa). Parama:thma: is all smell and all taste. Without the clarifed butter in the preparation of Prasada, mere milk and rice fail to be good. Individual soul (Ji:va) joins Prakruthi and loses identity. It is a matter of experience. We learn from this that the union of Ji:va and Prakruthi becomes acceptable only when Parama:thma: joins it. Thus Go:da: de:vi described the “thathwa thraya” by the example of pa:lso:ru (rice and milk). There is of course ka:la for effecting changes in the mixture of rice and milk

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