Govindaha गोविन्द: గోవింద: occurs _____ times in Vishnu Sahasranam. The meaning(s) is / are
1. He who rescued the Earth 2. The finder of cows
3. The receipient of words of praise 4. He who draws others near Him

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Govindaha गोविन्द: గోవింద occurs Twice in Vishnu Sahasranam. The meanings are
(1) Na:ma 189 – He is called Govinda since He receives words of praise from the devatas (for the help rendered to them). ‘Go’ means words of praise and ‘vind’ the receiver
(2) Na:ma 543 – He who rescued the Earth. “The earth had disappeared in the time of yore (very long time back) and was secreted in a cave. I rescued her. So I am known as Govinda.”(Go – Earth, Vinda = rescuer)

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