How many times does the na:ma sri:ma:n come in Vishnu Sahasranama. Which meaning(s) is not right for any of the mentioned Sri:man’s
(1) He of a lovely form
(2) He who is endowed with wealth
(3) He who is the consort of Lakshmi
(4) Possessed of beauty

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The Na:ma sri:ma:n by itself occurs thrice in Vishnu Sahasranama. The meaning “He who is the consort of Lakshmi ” is incorrect for sri:ma:n. Check notes for more information and for Sreyas:Sri:ma:n.


The na:ma sri:ma:n occurs thrice
(1) Sloka 3 : na:rasimhavapussri:ma:n – He of a lovely form. Parasara Bhattar describes the half man half lion avatara of Narasimha as sri:ma:n – i.e His form is celestial and very charming with beauty, loveliness and other qualities.
(2) Sloka 19 : (Mahabuddhir …) Possessed of beauty – तदनुरूपया दिव्य-भूषण – सम्पदा नित्ययुक्त: श्रीमान् (thadanuru:paya: divya-bhu:SaNa – sampada: nityayuktha: Sri:ma:n) He is ever beautified by the rich and celestial ornaments suited to His body
(3) Sloka 24 : (Agraneeh …) He who is endowed with wealth.
Ma:dhavah is the name for Consort of Lakshmi.
Sre:yas Sri:ma:n is one word. That will be our next question.

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