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Identify the aharya in the image an placewherthe vigraha isinstalled

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This is the image of the great acharya Swami A:lavanda:r at Kaattumannaar temple in Tamilnadu, his birthplace. It’s his birthday today – Aadi (Aashaada) month Uthharada Nakshattiram/ Kataka masam Uttarashada nakshattiram) . Check more information in the notes section.

A:lavanda:r, i.e. Sri Ya:muna:cha:rya is the grand acharya (Pra:cha:rya: ) of Ramanujacharya and is the grandson of Swami Na:thamuni who recovered the 4000 divine verses of the Azhvars. Swami Alavandar is amongst the most important acharyas of Sri Vaishnava tradition. He was the foremost to identify that Sri Ramanuja was the future of Sri Vaishnavam and ordered all his disciples to give due respect to Sri Ramanuja.
He established the principles of Visishta:dhvaita as an expansion of the doctrines housed in his grandfather’s treatises and elaborated on those doctrines with authoritative scriptures such as Sruthi’s, Bhagavadh Gita , azhvar pa:surams and selected satvika puranas.

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