Identify the character – I am the grand old man in pura:na:s. When Lord Vamana became Trivikrima, I was present at that time and did circumambulation (pradakshina) to him. I was by the side of Lord Srira:ma and helped him in his fight. I was also present during Lord Krishna’s time. In fact, I gave my daughter in marriage to Lord Krishna. Who am I?

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Ja:mbava:n is the character mentioned yesterday who was present in Vamana, Rama and Krishna avataras. Check notes for more information


Jambavan (The king of bears though he’s described as monkey in some scriptures too) did the pradakshina(circumambulation) to Trivikrama while he was measuring the 3 strides (This is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana when Jambavan recollects his prowess during his youth when the vanaras were deciding who has to cross the ocean to find the presence of SIta across the ocean). In tre:ta: yuga, as part of Sugri:va’s army, he was in the team which went in search of Sita to southern direction. He participated in the fight between Rama and Ravana. In dwa:para yuga, during Krishna avatara, he fought with Lord Krishna himself for 21 days. After realizing that Krishna is none other than Lord Rama’s re-incarnate, he gave his daughter Ja:mbavati in marriage to him.

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