In the 15th thiruppavai pa:suram “elle ilangkiliye’ there is a statement called naane dhaan aayiduga? What is its meaning

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The go:pika who is getting woken up says yes I accept its my mistake through naane dhaan aayiduga. Looking it at a bit more deeply – This is one of the 3 important messages conveyed in thiruppavai. It talks about the quality of thithi:ksha: or forebearance (sahanam). if an elder who is our wellwisher mistakes us even though we are not wrong we should not criticise it but accpet it and bear it and negate it with out actions. Check notes for information


Forbearance—essential quality.
‘va:do: na:valambyam’ is a statement from Na:rada Bhakthi Sutra ( Aphorisms on Devotion by sage Na:rada). When a mistake is pointed in us, we must not parry the criticism by argument. We must introspect why they pointed it so and must correct our behaviour. The other person should be made to feel that his criticism is not relevant. This is the beginning of personality development. In the second chapter of Bhagavad Gi:tha, this quality of forbearance is called
Instead of battling against heat, cold and rain themselves, we make necessary adjustments at our end to live unmindful of them. We must treat praise- blame or pleasure-pain in a similar manner. This is the quality of a Sri: Vaishnava. Our association with learned men gives us such frame of mind.
Instead of letting out self-justification, we must have gratitude towards those who point our mistakes. This will bring completeness to our personality. Mother A:nda:l teaches us this.

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