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In this divyadesam in Kanchipuram, perumal is reclining on his left hand and not the right hand as he usually does. Which temple is this?

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Yathokthakaari temple, Thiruvekka (Sonna Vannam Seida perumal) in Kanchipuram is where perumal is reclining on his left hand and not the right hand as usual. It’s also the birth place of Poigai Azhvar. Perumal’s name here means – the one who does as what he’s told (Sonna Vannam Seida perumal – Yatha uktha kaari) Check notes for more information


Yathokthakaari temple, Thiruvekka is one of the oldest temples in Kanchipuram. Kanikannan, disciple of Thirumazhisai Azhvar refused to sing in praise of the Pallavarayan king and said he will only sing on perumal. Hence the king banished him from the town. Thirumazhisai Azhvar also decided to go with his disciple and told perumal in this temple “You also roll mat (adisesha) on which you lie and come with us.” Perumal listened to Azhvar and accompanied both of them. When the whole town and kings court realized the disappearance of perumal, bad omens came and the king realized his mistake. The king went to the place where Azhvar, Kanikannan and perumal stayed for the night and begged the pardon of Azhvar and Kanikannan. They decided to come back and Azhvar again tells perumal to come with him and unfold his mat and sleep in the temple again. Perumal again obeyed the Azhvar. Everyone was waiting for Him in the temple and in his hurry reclined in the opposite direction. Since he listened to the Azhvar and did as he was told he received the name Sonna Vanna Seida Perumal. There are couple more legends on the same as to why he slept in the opposite direction.

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