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Parasurama is related to one of the great sages who is also a Brahmarishi. Who is this sage?

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Parasurama is related to Sage Vishamitra. CHeck out the notes for further information


Sage Ruchika married Satyavati, daughter of King Gaadhi. Sage Ruchika prepared a potion, based on Satyavatis request for both his wife Satyavati (to get a great sage as son) and to Satyavatis mother (to get a great warrior as son) . However the ladies interchanged the potion and drank what was meant for the other. Gaadhis wife had a son who had the aura of a sage and was none other than Sage Vishwamitra. Satyavati bcos of the interchanged potion was to get a warrior son. She requested Sage Ruchika to do something. RUchika said that he can only postpone the occurence and they had Sage Jamadagni. Sage Jamadagnis son is Parasurama (incarnation of Lord Narayana) who turned to be a warrior

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