The na:ma ke:shavaha (केशव: కేశవః in Vishnu Sahasranama) means
1. Destroyer of demon Ke:si
2. He who has lovely locks of hair
3. The dispeller (eliminate) of distress
4. The dispeller of all doubts

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Ke:shavaha केशव: కేశవః comes twice.
(1) Na:ma 23 – He who has lovely locks of hair
(2) Na:ma 654 The distress dispeller . (the destroyer of all distress in the world)
In 654th commentary its also mentioned The word ‘Ke:sava’ is also derived in the following way: “Ka is the name of Brahma and I am I:sa who rules over all the embodied beings. Both of us have been born out of Thy body and therefore Thou art known by the name of Ke:sava.” (words of Siva to Bhagava:n.)”

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