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Three must do activities on Yuga:di

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1. Abhyangana sna:nam (Special bath with til oil and herbal powders)
2. Pancha:nga Sravanam (Listening to the forecast of the year given by scholars)
3. Nimba kusuma Bhakshanam ((Eatinga juicy preparation with 6 types of taste in it)

“Additional Jewel on Uga:di

1. Abhyangana sna:nam is performed by applying oil to entire body and then applying a paste of herbal extracts. This helps in opening up the pores on skin apart from purifying the body and mind.

2. A day is qualified with five attributes (or “”pancha angas””) as per vedic astrology – tithi, va:ra, nakshatra, yo:ga and karana. We respect time as form of God Himself and try to understand how the year will pan out with respect to various aspects – income, expenses, honours and dishonours at both individual level and social levels . This is done when we do pancha:nga sravanam.

3. Nimba Kusuma Bhakshanam is the third important ritual observed on uga:di. We will see more on this day after tomorrow

It was heartening to see the multiple correct responses.
Jai Sriman Narayana”

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