To which Lord does Godha de:vi wants to offer 100 pots of butter and akka:ra adisil (sweet rice)
(1) Lord Ranganatha
(2) Lord Sundarabahu (kallazhagar)
(3) Lord Varadaraja

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Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam appears in Periazhwar’s dream. Lord orders him to bring Andal dressed as a bride to Srirangam where He would marry her. The chief priest of Srirangam temple, offers the silk clothes and ornaments of Mahalakshmi to Godha . Godha is now dressed like a bride with beautiful flower decorations in her hair. She sits in a palanquin offered by the Pandya king and proceeds to the temple amidst music and vedic chants. Once they reach the temple, Godha gets down and goes inside the temple knowing her way well and right into the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord. She goes and touches the feet of Lord Ranganatha and just vanishes. Periazhvar, her father is shocked and cries in anguish. At that time Lord Ranganathas voice is heard saying that Andal is with him and he need not worry. Andal is an example of a devotee who thought about the Lord always and her longing for Him took her to Him directly.

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