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Today is Kaisika Ekadasi. On this day there is the story of a devotee who sang to the Lord. What is the name of the devotee who sang to the Lord? The name of the divyadesam that this devotee sang songs at and the name of the Lord there?

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Nam Paduvaan’ is the name of the devotee who kept awake and sang in the night on the day of Kaarthika Sukla ekadasi. He sang to the Lord Vaishnava Nambi at the divyadesam Thirukurungudi. He was called Nam Paduvaan as he sang only to the Lord and no one else.


Jai Sriman Narayana
Listen to the leture of swami on kaisika ekadasi and get answers at https://jetuk.org/2016/01/06/importance-of-kaisika-ekadashi/
The sumamry of the lecture is here : https://chinnajeeyar.org/listen-to-hh-speech-on-kaisika-ekadasi/

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