Today is the thiru nakshattiram of an Azhvar. He is the one who explicitly wished long life even for perumal. Who is he? What are the different names he’s addressed by?

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Periyazhvaar is the one who explicitly wished long life for perumal in his Thirupallaandu wishing perumal to live for many many years.

Periyazhvar – great azhvar (periya also means elder )

Vishnucitta – One who has always Vishnu in his thoughts

Pattar Piraan – chief of Brahmins

Puduvaiyar kone – lord of the new place (Srivilliputtur)

Sriranganatha svasura: – father in law of Lord Ranganatha Srivilliputhoorarar – the ones lives in Srivillipputtur

Patta naadan

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