What does A:mukthama:lyada / su:dikkodutha na:chiya:r mean?

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A:mukthama:lyada / su:dokodutha na:chiya:r means , The one who adorned herself with flower garland before offering it to the Lord. Check the notes for the story behind the same


Go:da De:vi determined to know for herself, if she was suitable for the Lord. She adorned herself with the garlands prepared by her father, before they could be decorated on the Lord in the temple! She checked her beauty while graced in those garlands, in the refection in the well, near the Tulasi garden. She then placed the garlands back in the basket. She was of an immature age and never knew that the flowers would become unfit for the decoration of the Lord in the temple, once it is worn by anyone else. Periazhva:r saw this one day and scolded her and told that the garlands were now unfit for the Lord. However that night the Lord comes in Periya:zhvars dream and tells him that the flowers not adorned by Go:da de:vi is no longer appealing to Him and aren’t fragrant too. Since then, the tradition of decorating the Lord at Vatadhaladha:ma with the garlands first worn by Go:da De:vi, began. Hence, Go:da De:vi is praised as Su:dikoduththa Na:chiya:r and A:mukthama:lyada.

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