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What does pralayam mean?

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Pralaya is the dissolution and recreation of the universe periodically . It happens most times through means of a huge flood / deluge that immerses the earth and major portion of the universe normally. There are different types of Pralaya. Check out notes for further information. We have given a pointer to what Swamis says (website ).


Jai Sriman Narayana

Following is what Vedic Science says for those interested. A chatur yuga cycle is 4.32 million years . Its present in the ratio of 4:3;2:1 (Satya: Treta: Dwapara: Kali). 1000 such cycles forms the day of Brahma. 4.32 billion years is what constitutes Brahmas day. This time period is called Kalpa. Similarly 4.32 billion years constitutes his night. During his day time life exists and during the night time life does not. At the end of each kalpa, that is, the day for Brahma, the earth and a major portion of the Universe is immersed in a flood.. This is called pralaya. After Brahma’s night ends, the Universe re-emerges. Brahms one day is equal to 8.64 million yars.The age of Brahma is 100 years and each year has 360 days. So the age of Brahma in human years is 360*100*8.64 million years = 311. 04 trillion years. At the end of this Maha Pralaya happens where everything goes inside the Lord (hes said to inhale). ANd then the whole next cycle happens when he exhales.

Pointer to what Swami says as part of Thiruppavai discourse:

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