What is important for an Acharya to follow – Nārāyana dāsya or philanthropic social welfare activities

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Following the Acharya verdict is the only way we have to act. Bhagvad Ramananujacharya said that do service to Lord Narayana, And Narayana is all pervasive. That means the whole world is His divine Form. You always serve anyone through ones’ body only. If so, you need to serve Lord Narayana also through His Body that is the world. In that world wherever there is need that is to which you need to offer service as His Service. That is real a:ra:dhana. That is real da:sya of Narayana. That is what our acharyas did and we also do follow them.
” Talking superficial words and not knowing properly is the way of pitiable persons ”

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