What is the dwadasi called which comes right after kaartika sukla ekadasi?

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Its called Ksheerabdi dwadasi or ‘chiluku’ dwadsi. It is believed from our scriptures that perumal wakes up on the Kartika month sukla ekadasi from the milk ocean . Based on the belief the next day tirumanjanam is done using milk for the Lord (Milk is churned from the milk ocean and using the essecne of the same abhishekam is done). Hence its called Ksheerabdi dwadasi/chiluku dwadasi


Jai Sriman Narayana
Listen to the leture of swami on kaisika ekadasi and get answers at https://jetuk.org/2016/01/06/importance-of-kaisika-ekadashi/
The sumamry of the lecture is here : https://chinnajeeyar.org/listen-to-hh-speech-on-kaisika-ekadasi/

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