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What is the name of the king in Matsya avatara who gathers every type of species on earth (animals and plants) before the deluge (pralayam) on the command of Lord Vishnu?

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King Satyavrata is the one who gathers every type of species based on the command of Lord Vishnu is Matsya Avatara. Lord Vishnu takes the form of a fish in this avatara and saves the world and the entire knowledge of the world known as Vedas. Check for more information in the notes


Lord Vishnu in the Mataya Avatara assumes the form of a fish and takes Satyavrata, the Sapta rishis, and every type of living species gathered by Satyavrata over the flood that happens at the end of Brahma’s day. All of them were in a boat and the serpent Vasuki is used as a rope to tie the boat to the horn of the Matsya form of Lord. Matsya pulled the boat into the water, and pulled it along as He swam in the infinite Ocean. This saved the boat and all the beings in it. While pulling the boat along, Matsya taught Satyavrata the real truth regarding living beings, who the Supreme Lord is, how to live life, what to aim for, and how to accomplish that. Lord Vishnu had earlier retrieved all the knowledge in the form of Vedas from Hayagriva the demon. Hayagriva had stolen the knowledge that came from Brahma’s breath while he was sleeping, and took it, and hid it in the ocean. Lord Vishnu had retrieved those Vedas from Hayagreeva the demon. Now, He taught Satyavrata the secrets from them. After the flood ended, life re-emerged from all the things that Satyavrata had saved in the boat. Due to the grace of Lord Vishnu, Satyavrata was born as Vivaswaan, the sun of Surya, the sun god. He became the next Manu (ruler of the world), named Vaivasvata Manu. We now live in the era of Vaivasvata Manu, called Vaivasvata Manvantara.

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