Which acha:rya is refrred to as Godha:graja

(1) Swami Ramanuja
(2) Ya:muna:cha:rya
(3) Sri varavara muni

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Swa:mi Rama:nuja is referred to as Godhagraja. Check notes for more information


Godha devi mentions in Nachiyar Thirumozhi that she wants to offer 100 pots of butter and akkara adisil to the Lord Sundarabahu in Thirumaliruncholai. However she is unable to perform that physically. Swami Ramanuja fulfills her wish and offers the same to Lord Sundarabahu. When he is about to come out of the temple, Andal lovingly calls him Anna (or elder brother). Hence Swami Ramanuja is affectionately known as Godha:graja or the elder brother of Andal/Godha devi.

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