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Which amongst these qualities is the primary identifier of the soul

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The primary identifier of the soul is the quality of se:shathva. Check notes for more information


Swami Ramanuja wanted Kuresa to find the answer to this question from Goshtipurna.
Goshtipurna asks Kuresa to look at the pasuram adiye:nulla:m in Thiruvaimozhi
In 8th decade of the
8th centum of Thiruvai:mozhi, Namma:lvar graces
us with two pa:surams which reveal the nature of
sriyah pathi (Lord Sri:manna:ra:yana). Of these, the
first pa:suram is ‘kangal sivandu’, the second one is
‘adiye:nulla:n’. In the second pa:suram, Namma:lvar
intends to convey that Lord is the in-dweller of the
soul and shines through it. He could have as well
put it as ‘Lord dwells in the soul’ or ‘the Lord dwells
in me’. Instead he puts it as ‘adiye:nulla:n’, meaning
‘Lord dwells in this da:sa (servant)’. Here, the soul is
indicated by the word ‘adiye:n’ which in turn implies
‘se:shathva’. Thus, being a servant- se:shathva – is the
primary attribute of the soul. Go:shttipu:rna revealed
this to Ku:re:sa by reminding him the pa:suram sung
by namma:lvar !

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