WHich Lord appeared in kanda:dai tho:zhappar’s dream to mention that a:dise:sha will be born as a great saint

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Lord Varadara:ja appeared in kanda:dai tho:zhappar’s (sishya of swa:mi nampillai) dream that a:dise:sha will take avatara on earth as a great saint to spread the works of the A:zhva:r saints. Check notes for more information


Lord Varadara:ja said the following in kanda:dai tho:zhappar’s dream

jagad raksha:paro: anantho: janishyadhaparo:munihi
thatharasya:s sadha:cha:ra: sa:thvika:ha thathva darsina:ha

Anata:zhva:n, who has a great interest in the saving of the universe will take avata:ramas another saint. Those who will be shishya:s of that saint will be filled with sathvaguNa: and will have the thathva gya:na.

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