Which of the following are some of the waterbodies in Thirumala
1. Chakra thi:rtham
2. Thumburu thi:rtham
3. Kuma:ra thi:rtham
4. Mathsya thi:rtham
5. All of the above

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Ans 5 (All of the above). There are many water bodies in Ve:nkatachala.
Some of the main waterbodies (thi:rtha) include Chakra thi:rtham, Swami thi:rtham, Mathsya thi:rtham, Pa:ndava thi:rtham, Na:ga thi:rtham, Bilwa thi:rtham, Jaba:li thi:rtham, A:kasaganga thi:rtam, Pa:pana:sanam, Thumburu thi:rtham, Va:mana thi:rtham, and Kuma:ra thi:rtham.

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