Who did the SAivas claim to be the Lord at Thirumala during the time of King Yadavaraja
(1) Sankara
(2) Skanda
(3) Harihara
(4) All of the above

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Ans 4 (all of the above)
Saivas claimed it was Skanda (Kumaraswami), then SIva (Sankara) and then Harihara (A combination of Siva and Vishnu) as Ramanuja disputed each one oftheir arguments


The Saivas* stated that Kumarasvami obtained his father’s (Siva’s permission and arrived at Venkatagiri (Tirupati) and set up to perform his penance on the bank of a holy tank, according to Vamana Parana. There standing, with his feet touching the ground, on the south bank of the Svami Pushkarinj wearing a coiffure of matted Iocks and keeping aside the warlike weapons as unsuitable to an ascetic, Skanda shows himself in the form of an image to enable people to offer him worship and thus fulfil their cherished wishes

They said that the God who manifested himself in the temple on the south bank of the tank of Svami Pushkarini was no other than the worshipful Skanda. They gave as a reason for this that the name Svdmi is peculiarly applicable to him as forming part of Kumarasvami which is the acknowledged name of Subrahmanya.

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