WHo was the first person to whom Swami Manavala Mamuni reveal his avatara form? (From Yatei:dra pravana prabha:vam)

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The first person to whom Swami Manavala Mamuni revealed his true form as Adisesha is to Kida:mbi na:yana:r. Check for more information in the notes section.


Swami Ramanuja commanded Mamuni (in his dream) to go to ka:nchipuram to learn Sri Bha:shya from kida:mbi na:yana:r. Swami Mamuni also gave disourses on Azhvar works and what he was learning so well. kida:mbi na:yana:r was very amazed by the scholarship and ability of Swami Manavala Mamuni and realized he was an extraordinary person. One day he requested Mamuni to reveal his true form. Swami Mamuni then said “You are my a:cha:rya, and I will not hide my true form to you, please do not let anyone else know about this rahasya that is due to the Lord’s command”, and asked him not to be afraid, and showed his true form as a:dise:sha:

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