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Why does Rama hesitates slightly when Vishwamitra asks him to kill Tataka?
(1) Its the first time he has to kill a yakshini and hes not sure how to kill her
(2) Because Tataka is a woman
(3) She knew magic and could go invisible
(4) Rama believes cutting of her arms is enough and will render her powerless

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Rama hesistates slightly to kill Tataka as she is a woman. By virtue of being a woman she needs to be protected and not killed. However, sage Vishwamitra explains to Rama as to why not to show compassion to her. Check notes for further information.


Sage Vishwamitra tells Rama the following as to why it is ok to kill Tataka “O best among men you need not hate killing a woman. You are a prince. You should serve the interest of the four orders of the society.
Whether cruel or kind, sinful or wrong whatever contributes to the protection of the subjects, should be done by the righteous (king). This is the eternal law binding those who are appointed to bear the burden of a kingdom. O Kakutstha kill her. She knows no dharma. “

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