Dhanurmasam 2019

First 15 Days : USA - Houston Astalakshmi Temple THIRUPPAVAI AARADHANA - DAY - 2 Goal of Life by Goda Devi | Dhanurmasam | Thiruppavai aradhana || Day 2 Goal of Life by

8-year-old girl gives life lessons!

Sri Krushna withdrew his avatar in Dwapara Yuga and that marked the beginning of Kali Yuga. In the 93rd year of this Kali Yuga, a little girl who was found in a garden at Sri Villiputthur wrote 30 poems

Dhanurmasam Celebration 2018 – Vikasa Tarangini

Koodarai Vellum Sheer Govinda….! The 27th Pasuram which is signifies the day when Jeevathma reunites with Paramthma was well celebrated by the devotees at Srimathi Latha’s home located in Dasapalla Hills. Under the able supervision of The RigVeda scholar Sriman

Dhanurmasam – Day1 – Five questions answered

1. Who is eligible for performing Dhanuramasa Vratham? ‘A wish to enrich oneself’ is the ONLY eligibility requirement for performing ‘Dhanuramasa Vratham’. Anyone with that wish can perform the vratham and satisfy their quest. 2. How long is this vratham? What does