Spiritual Journey with Life Partner

Like any other day, I was reading the daily newspaper after a quick workout. I overheard the voice of a spiritual guru playing on my wife’s phone. That surprised me. She is generally always occupied in listening to Sri

Celebrate Love for Learning

It was in 1978, a hot summer afternoon in Sri Rangam, TN, India when a 75-year-old highly erudite scholar, revered acharya of 9 Jeeyars, author of several books that explain Vedic essence in lucid style, T.K. Gopalacharya Swami stepped

A Mother’s Request

Two days ago, I visited Guntur along with husband and children to attend Goda Kalyanam organised under the presence of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji by Chairman of Crane Group of Industries, Grandhi Subbarao ji. As I was waiting for