Vikasa Tarangini Celebrated Namma:lwar Tirunakshathram

Vikasatarangini Karimanagar celebrated Namma:lwar Tirunakshathram on 28/5/2018. Vikasatarangini Members gathered at Veda Bhavan at 10.00 AM and offered their prayers. They also performed a puja in Vavilalapalli Ramalayam Temple. After the puja, Vikasatarangini member S.Pushpalatha Rao sponsored Thadiyaradhana service to

Seva Activities in Vizianagaram district

Which induces unalloyed bliss ? Material wealth or just pure Lord's darshana and service at His shrine? Which is more delicious? - Asks Saint Tyagaraja Material wealth and money if used for self gratification only, does not yield true happiness.

Power of a blessing from an Acharya is priceless !

Blessed are those who seek refuge of an able Acharya whose heart is filled with compassion, whose words outflow due to warmth, whose action speak the essence of all knowledge. Sri Tridandi Chinna Sreemannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji walks the path