The Glory of Divine Mother – HH Message

30th Sept 2014 - Acharya’s Speech on the occasion of Sarannavarathri The Glory of Divine Mother The celebrations of Sarannavaratri are going on and as a part of that, the divine shower to Mother Lakshmi is being performed every morning.

Independence Message by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

HH Speech on Independence Day On the occasion of 68th Independence Day celebration assembly, we offer many many Mangalasasanams (gratulations) to you all. Firstly, we pray the God, Acharyas (Preachers) and the great personalities in leadership to bless us and

HH Message on Hayagriva Jayanthi

The 'vidya / learning' received on this day of Sravana Pu:rnima is historically proven to be retained forever ! It was none other than 'Chathurmukha Bramha' who misplaced the Vedas several times. Lord SrimanNarayana took the form of 'Swan', 'Fish' etc to get