There are 2,500 houses in Mandasa. Sri Swamiji directed them to contribute at Rs.50 a month. Thus about Rs.1,50,000 is collected monthly. This amount is used for development of the village by adopting a street, installing street lights and

Build Your Own Village

Inspired by Sri Swamiji’s empowered messages, elders enrolled as Vikasa Tarangini (VT) members, youth formed Yuva Vikas groups and ladies formed Andal Goshtis. Together they are conducting many wonderful programs such as community kitchens - cooking food for thousands

Swachh Bharath

Srikakulam Rajam Vikasa Taranigini has raised to the clarion call of the Prime Minister Mr. Modi and has been conducting Swachh Bharath program since past 2 months. Every week, a street or a ward is adopted. Importance of cleanliness

Visit to Village

It’s a miracle that I ever imagined that the village will get Swamiji’s Mangalasasanams with the visit on Feb 05, 2015 and we are ever thankful for it. Swamiji’s advice of doing bhajans at the village temple lead to

Ancient Temple Discovered in Srikakulam

Dear Sir, My name is Sampathirao Rama Krishna Raju, aged 45 years, R/O S.M.Puram village, etcherla mandal, srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. I am a teacher by profession. In february 2012, I have accidentally discovered a Diety of a