Shield our Soldiers with Ashtakshari Mantra

It is high time that all Bharath-ians (Indians) wake up and react! Let's not tolerate the horrific suicide bombers killing our soldiers.

Follow the lead of our acharyas, the voice of Vedas...! Let's not stop until the goal is achieved.

The soldiers at borderline (sastra-paanulu) are protecting our well-being in physical aspects as the guardians of Vedic wisdom (saastra-paanulu) are protecting our well-being in spiritual aspects. Let's all be truly thankful to both.

In olden days, sages have always given their energy and power to the rulers of the country. Now, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is inviting each one of us to take part in praying for the strength of our nation, for the strength of true human spirit. Let us walk in the path of Sri Swamiji who has been spreading the greatness of the Narayana Ashtakshari Mantra for decades with immense and intense devotion to the core cause of existence.

Let us all act together and chant the Ashtakshari Mantra to protect and strengthen all our soldiers with strong shield. Let us all pray to God to give them all the power necessary to stay brave, strong and safe while eradicating the evil throughout their journey!

Let us spend 10 minutes of our time for the sake of those soldiers who give all their time 365x24x7 to protect the nation. Let's chant Ashtakshari Mantra for not less than 108 times and preserve its power in a 'bank' for the soldiers to receive it as needed. This 'bank' does not hold money, but it holds the source of all sampada - the Ashtakshari Mantra!

If you are too busy during the weekdays, try to spend time during the weekend. Make sure that the collective count does not go less than 108 per day.

If you have not been initiated with Ashtakshari Mantra, don't worry! You can chant the Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama sthotram along with all your family members and deposit 1000 x number of family members into our 'bank'.

Let us all together revitalise the sanctity of our nation!