A Mother’s Request

Two days ago, I visited Guntur along with husband and children to attend Goda Kalyanam organised under the presence of ...
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HH-Sri Chinnajeeyarswamiji-Dhanurmasam2020

Life After Death

For centuries together doctors, scientists, philosophers have been fascinated about life after death. As part of some experiments conducted by ...
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HH-Sri chinnajeeyarswamiji-Dhanurmasam

Lightning and Life

Nammalwar says, "lightning in the sky is better than the body in this life!" (minnin nilayila mannuir aakkila...) Natural and immediate ...
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Vaikunta Ekadasi

Devotees throng to have darsan of Lord early in the morning at every temple across the world on Vaikunta Ekadasi ...
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P.B. Annangaracharya Swami Letter about Jeeyar Swami

Venkateswara Suprabhatham was composed by the revered, Prativadi Bhayankara Annan Swami (P.B.Annan born in 1361), a disciple of the celebrated ...
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HH Srichinnajeeyar Swamiji- Dhanurmasam-guntur

Don’t Leave Your Dreams

Each one of us dream of attaining something, big or small. These dreams/goals drive our lives. They fall into four ...
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HH Srichinnajeeyar Swamiji- Dhanurmasam

Antaryami (God within) or Archa murthi (God as Deity)

God is always along with us within us. But, if you want to experience God directly, it is recommended that ...
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HH Sri chinnajeeyar swamiji, Dhanurmasam

Start with 33 Seconds

Any achievement is a result of focussed work. Are you being distracted? Is your mind interested in something else than ...
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HH Sri Chinnajeeyarswamiji Dhanurmasam

Guidance for Successful Meditation

Meditation has gained significant importance recently within various institutions and affinity groups. It is known as a means to improve ...
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