In Sanskrit this term is refered as “33 Ko:ti De:vathas”

‘Koti’ in Sanskrit language means: “Section”.
For Instance, words like ‘Pratipaksha Koti , Purvapaksha Koti’ in Sansrkit use the word ‘Koti’ in them.
Hence, 33 Koti Devathas mean – 33 sections of Gods who administer this creation in different ways.

The 33 Koti Devathas are:

  • 12 “Adityas” – (They take care of the sustanance of the universe in different ways)
  • 11 “Rudras” – (They change the forms of the entities from one to another. People call it destruction, but it actually means changing the forms for the better)
  • 8 “Vasus” – (They nurture the entities)
  • 2 “Ashwinis” – (They rectify the problems. They are known as the doctors. One of them take care of living entities, while the other takes care of ‘Animal Husbandry and Forestry’)

Under each of the Koti Devathas, there are millions of other Gods working for them

– Excerpt from Sri Swamiji’s Pravachanams : LA Summer Camp 2007