Food Donations -Annadanam

Since 1952, our organization has been actively providing free food to pilgrims and low socio economic people across the world. A  high level statistics of the services provided per year:

Number of people provided free food every year – 1,18,64,000+

Number of places where this program is conducted – 40+

Number of quintals of grains – 29660+

Milk and milk products consumed –  28,80,000 liters

 Perpetual free food distribution at all Temples and Ashrams of JET

All the devotees who visit the Temples and Ashrams  enjoy a delicious and sumptuous food prior to their departure. Regardless of whether it is a regular day or a festival/holy day, the devotees are guaranteed to enjoy delicious satvik food.  JET’s Temples and Ashramams include:

    • Jeeyar Ashramam (NJ, USA),
    • Ashtalakshmi Temple (TX, USA)  Untitled

Mandasa Temple (Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India)

  • Sri Ranga Dhamam Temple ( Rajamandry, Andhra Pradesh, India)
  • Divya Saketham (Shamshabad, India)
  • Sitanagaram (Andhra Pradesh, India)
  • Badrinath Ashram
  • Rushikesh  Ashram
  • Srirangam Ashram
  • Melkote Ashram
  • Thirumala Ashram
  • Bhadrachalam Ashram
  • Nadigaddapalem Ashram
  • Varija Ashram



                        Badarinath Ashtakshari Kshetram – Sathsanga Sadanam 


Badarinath is a most holy and sacred place, floating spiritual vibrations down to Earth from a height of 10,250 feet in the lofty Himalayas. It is open for 6 months in summer.   JET’s Ashtakshari Kshethram situated on Nara Mountain, is a friendly and a welcoming place for all pilgrims and provides good shelter and free food (Prasadam).


Ashtakshari Kshethram was initially built in this holy place by HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji in 1950s. This Kshetram has become a boon to all devotees who come on pilgrimage to Badrinath. Since 1952, food donation (Annadanam) is performed in Ashtakshari Kshethram every year. Ashtakshari Kshetram was renovated and rededicated by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on July 11, 2006.

In addition to Ashtakshari Kshetram, there are several other JET locations across the world where food donation are conducted on a daily basis.




Melkote Thirunarayana Perumal Aradhana Samithi (MTPAS)

MelkoteThirunarayana Perumal Aradhana Samithi, was started by HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamji in 1977 to serve Lord and the devotees. Free food to pilgrims is served here. This service is going on for 38 years without any break. g

  • Every day 10 kgs rice sent from the asram to Thirunarayana Perumal . This rice is cooked and offered to Lord in Chelvanarayana temple. And that prasadam is sent to acharaya purushas and priests houses working in the temple.
  • Nithya Annadanam (Free Food Distribution) is conducted every day. At least 100 people visit the asram to dine on week days and a minimum of 200 people dine on weekends and holidays. Timings are from 12:30 PM to 2 PM.
  • Jeeyar Asram arranges for free lunch -thadiyaradhana for at least 25,000 people on Vayaramudi seva day.  3 items of food- prasadam which include a sweet item , a spicy item and a rice dish are served to all.

  Bhadrachalam, Khammam Dst.

Since 1998, Jeeyar Mutt in Badhrachalam started Thadiyaradha services. On an average, thadiyaradha (free food) is served in the morning, afternoon and night to 80-100 people. Yearly once, on Sri Ramanavami day, food is served to 7000 people. Panakam – a refreshing drink, vadapappu and tamarind rice are distributed apart from thadiyaradhana (free divine food) after Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam.

JIVA Ashram/ Divya Saketham Temple ( Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad)

In JIVA Ashram, Nithya annadanam – free food distribution is conducted every day to at least 1000 people. On festival days or on important days,  5000 to 8000 people enjoy tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Vasudasa Ashram, Nadigaddapalem

Nithya Annadanam seva – free food distribution is conducted since past 70 years. On an average 100 people eat three times a day in the asram everyday.

 BAKASS, Rushikesh, Uttaranchal

Nithya Annadanam seva is conducted everyday. On an average 100 people eat in the asram everyday. During travel season – in summer, 500 to 2000 people enjoy the prasadam everyday.

JET, Sitanagaram, Vijayawada

Nithya Annadanam (Free Food Distribution) is conducted to atleast 200 people every day.

Kundalum Swamy Tirumalighai,Sriperumbudur

On Aarudra star every month, free prasadam is distributed to devotees. Ramanuja Thirunakshathram is celebrated for 11 days. During that time free thadiyaradhana is offered to pilgrims.

Jeevana Vikas, Mattur, Prakasam Dst

Since 1995, free breakfast, lunch and dinner are given to orphans.


Nithya Annadanam (Free Food Distribution) is conducted every day. This service began in 1970 by HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and this service is going on for 44 years without any break.

Varija, Vizag

Asram arranges for thadiyaradhana (mahaprasad) in morning, afternoon and evening every day, 24 hrs. About 100 people come for the thadiyaradhana everyday. During functions, food is given to 500+ people.

Sri Rangadhamam, Rajamundry

Annadanam is conducted once every month on Sravana star. On an average at least 500 people enjoy the tasty prasadam.

Jeeyar Gurukulam – Tribal schools  at Allampalli and Beersaipeta

Untitled                                  Free food is provided three times a day to approximately 1300 students and staff at two tribal schools and a school for fishermen – Jeeyar Gurukulams, where  education is provided to underprivileged children. The two schools are in Adilabad district, one in Allampalli and another in Birsaipeta. The fishermen school is in Katarivari palem, Prakasam dst. 



Free food for all the students in Nethra Vidyala School, Pre-College and Degree College for Blind

Low Socio economic students receive free meals thrice a day at Allampalli Tribal School, Beersaipeta Tribal School, Fishermen School at Katarivaripalem and at the Blind School and college in Hyderabad.

Approximately 241 blind children and the    school staff are provided free  food, along with boarding, lodging, clothing, and basic medical services. The elementary schools are located in Visakhapatnam and Junior and Degree colleges are located in Shamshabad near Hyderabad.











 Food drives across US for local charity:


Youth teams from VT Seva Boston collected 120 bags of food to donate to Merrimack Valley food bank in Nashua, NH in March 2014. Similarly youth from other VT Seva branches across USA have donated hundreds of pounds of food to their local charities.



With the inspiration of VT Seva founder HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s call to serve the underprivileged, VT Seva has successfully organized its annual holiday food drive at various locations in the United States.

VT Seva young volunteers motivated their local communities to participate in the food drive and everything that was collected was delivered to the local shelter homes and food pantries/banks. We are very proud of the VT Seva volunteers and the local communities who contributed both their time and resources to make this noble cause a successful event.

The goal was to raise about 1000 pounds of food. Because of active participation from the VT Seva volunteers, we raised more than 2000 pounds.

Here are news reports from various chapters about the event –

New England area

Within just two weeks, we motivated local communities to donate food at various Massachusetts and New Hampshire locations. On 11/6/2010, we have donated all the collected boxed & canned food items to Nashua Soup kitchen and shelter. It was well appreciated by the local food bank.

As it was a Saturday morning most of the youngsters could not come to the delivery location but they were actively involved in promoting the food drive in their neighborhood and at their schools.     Photos

Bay Area

VT Seva Bay Area donated 500 lbs of food items to the Family Shelter, San Jose. We contacted the SJ family shelter for their wish list and they expressed that they would love to receive the baking goods.

We donated flour, butter, baking powder,sugar, oats, oil,beans, candies, fruit juices, aluminum foil, crushed pepper etc. The shelter home appreciated the donations and thanked VT Seva for the generous contribution.


We have been able to raise over 100 pounds of food items for this year’s Food Drive.With only two weeks to donate items, we are very proud of the Houston Community who contributed both the time and the resources to make this noble cause a successful event.

The food was donated to the Star of Hope Transitional Living Center for Women and Families, Houston where it was greatly appreciated. We hope to make next year’s event even bigger and stronger than before!     Photos.

Dallas Fort Worth

We have successfully completed our 2nd holiday food drive in the Dallas area. Though it was on a short notice, we were still able to collect sizable amount of food donations at various locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Youngsters were actively involved in promoting the food drive in their neighborhoods and were ably supported by their parents with good encouragement. The collected items were delivered to Safe Haven Homeless Shelter in Dallas Downtown. We donated food to the same shelter last year.

As it was a busy sports weekend for most of the youngsters, all of them could not make it to the Homeless Shelter in person for the delivery. We sincerely hope to continue the tradition of annual food drive and would like to thank all the enthusiastic youngsters, Prajna students and JetDFW volunteers for their strong support and active involvement.     Photos

New Jersey

VT Seva NJ Branch donated over 600 lbs of food items and hygiene products to the Skeet’s Pantry – First Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, NJ 08512. Upon the food pantry organizer’s request we collected and donated the following items:

Canned/Boxed Soup
Canned vegetables, fruits and fruit juices
Breakfast Cereals
Rice and Pasta
Laundry Detergent
Tooth Paste
Hand Soap

The Pantry appreciated the generous donation from VT Seva.     Photos 1,  2

Washington DC

As part of Food drive organized by the VT Seva, DC Branch collected about 89 cans (100 pounds) brought in by 83 youth and donated toCapital Area Food Bank.

DC Branch scheduled a pickup at the weekly meeting location (Floris Elementary School – 2708 Centreville Road Herndon, VA; 9-11am).

Capital Area Food Bank is the largest in Washington DC metropolitan area founded in 1980 on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday as a nonprofit hunger and nutrition education resource. This Food Bank has been in operation for 30 years and distributes well over 24 million pounds of food to approximately 700 partner agencies.

DC Branch discussed with their outreach coordinator to register VT Seva (DC Branch) as one of their food bank member agency to conduct this event annually during the first week of November.




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