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✽ 9th Nov’2017 – 12th Dec’2017 – HH spreads Bhagavad Ramanuja Message in USA

✽ 15th Dec’2017 – 13th Jan’2018 – Dhanurmasam at Divya Saketham, JIVA

Ramanuja Sahasrabdi – Statue Of Equality

Celebrating 1000th birth anniversary of Ramanuja Charya Swami, a great spiritual icon born in 1017 and lived for 120 years

World’s largest sitting statue at 216 feet of Bhagavad Ramanuja coming up in 2017.

Statue symbolizes equality that Ramanuja propounded…


Know More.. Discover Ramanuja Contributions to Thirumala






Current Projects

Women Health Care Camps
Learn how our VikasaTarangini is making a huge difference in the lives of women who lack awareness on health primarily on cancer.
We need more volunteers and we welcome anyone whose heart is full of warmth and care for suffering women.

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Digitization of Vedic Books
A time-tested, ancient and authentic source of true knowledge is the real saviour of any problem or issue in human life.

Vedic scriptures and scholars are the best source of this ultimate knowledge and secrets behind all scientific unknowns. Our organisation is working towards digitizing the vedic literature using TEI for storing and enabling search throughout the literature. Don’t miss out an opportunity to support this cause either by donating or volunteering to assist our technical team.
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Nethra Vidyalaya Upgrading
Children of Nethra Vidyalaya , School and College for Blind Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s love and care is crossing miles and miles to bring laughter in the lives of…
blind children, We would like you to visit( (www.blind.education) to understand what we do and how we extend our hands to support the visually challenged children. Currently, we are in the process of procuring upgraded and more compatible laptops that can work well with the software (braille, jaws) needed by them. Would you like to support us in this effort ? If so, you can contribute via donating for laptops and server – Donate

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Drinking Water
Our organization is committed to providing clean water. RO water plants have been setup in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.
This year 2 RO water plants will be set up in Sitanagaram village near Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh to provide drinking water for people in Mahanadu and Sitanagaram.

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