karavaigal pin senru ka:nam se:rundunbo:m
arivonrum illa:tha va:ykkulaththu, unthannai
ppiravi perundanai punniyam ya:mudaiyo:m,
kurai vonrum illa:da go:vinda: ! undanno:du

urave:l namakku ingozhikka vozhiya:du
ariya:da pillaigalo:m anbina:l, undannai
siru pe:razhaiththanavum si:ri arula:de:
iraiva: ni: tha:ra:y parai ye:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Krushna! We are ignorant folks who go after the cattle. We follow them to the forests and eat our food without sanctity. Though we belong to the cowherd clan who do not possess even a little knowledge or any awareness of good and bad, we acquired the good fortune of having You, the personification of fortune itself, who took birth as one amongst us. You can fulfill all our desires despite our deficiencies since You are complete in all aspects. Here, neither You nor we can severe our relationship, even if we want to. We are innocent children who do not know the nuances of worldly etiquettes or formalities. Out of immense affection for You, we called You with short names. O! Swamy! Please do not be offended. Please grace us by giving us the Parai.paasuram1

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !