When you come across ‘death’ of someone, what is happening there? You may feel that we are deviating from the topic, but stay tuned!
Upon ‘death’, is it the body that ceases to exist or is it the one in the body who ceases to exist? It’s neither! The body changes the form in which it existed earlier, basically decomposes into the nature. The one in the body, i.e. self, the soul is placed in another body! It is the connection between the self and that body that ceases to exist.
What is the driving force which moves us from one body to another?
It is God who has programmed it according to karma, the results of our actions sitting as a backlog to experience and then be liberated. But, unfortunately due to ignorance and ego, we acquire loads and loads of more karma and keep taking births into different bodies!
At this stage, if one bows down to Lakshmi Devi genuinely and seek her refuge, she recommends to Narayana such that you are forgiven of the past actions and become liberated! That’s it? Is it that simple? Yes! Imagine the power of her compassion!
How can such a big heap of Karma be removed from our backlog just like that? A big heap of cotton burns in a second when lit by a match stick, doesn’t it?!So, who is Lakshmi Devi?
Lakshmi Devi is our mother, a saviour who took birth in the pala kadali, and forever lives in the heart of Narayana! She belongs to the family of Bhrugu maharshi, also known as Sukra! She was born on a Friday (Sukravaram), making it the favourite day to please her, offer our respects and love!
How can we feel her presence?
Wherever you spot right conduct, kind heart, clean thought, precise action, great concern, wise words, spotless beauty, loving attitude, gentle behavior, sweet voice and more such good qualities, Lakshmi Krupa exists there! Because, it is only upon her grace that anyone or anything can possess such qualities.
How do we reach out to her?
We reach out to her through prayer! A prayer done with sincere wish and desire to serve the divine couple. When you feed someone who is not hungry, they vomit it out! Same way, a prayer without sincere wish and desire does not work out.
What does it mean to serve the divine couple?
You become a powerful tool in the hands of God. You serve his objectives and stay eternally and blissfully connected to Him and His parivar (other beings who are already liberated), with no limitations and restrictions (unlike our current bodies).
Why does God consider Lakshmi Devi’s recommendation so strongly?
ఆసేష జగతాం సర్గ ఉపసర్గ స్థితీహి యస్య: వీక్ష్య ముఖం తదింగిత పరాధీన విధత్తే అఖిలం!!
It is said in Vedam that God does everything only to make Lakshmi Devi happy. She is personified compassion! Imagine compassion-less power!? If she weren’t there, we would continue to take births on and on based on our karma without any exceptions! So, be glad that God wants her to be happy and She wants us to be forgiven! After all, they are our divine parents working together for our good!