Most people answered ‘no’, some of them said, ‘not yet’. Swamiji then clarified the following to a wonderful and curious crowd at Allagadda, Kurnool district! Are you curious too? Here’s the excerpt of Swamiji’s message for you all, our dear readers!

God takes two forms, movable and immovable!

The movable form is one that exists within each of us and all the beings. Immovable form is one that exists as deity.

In movable form, if we do not believe in God as the inner power, he chooses to stay within us quietly keeping us alive and letting us experience the results of our actions. But, if we begin submitting ourselves to that powerful in-dweller, He is then seen to the world through our actions! We do not become Him, but we will be chosen as His instruments to serve his objectives selflessly, happily with enormous positive energy!

The other movable form is Vibhava form. This is when He chooses a time, place and a form and comes down to this world. Examples are: Sri Rama, Sri Krushna, Narasimha etc. He takes this form to be along with his devotees of that time-period so he could play, eat, talk, and live with them!

When you visit a temple, or pray to the deity at your home, do NOT think that the form is any less capable than God. The deity form is a true incarnation of the supreme power and is equally capable. But, because He chose to accept copper or bronze or other material as his body, he behaves in accordance with the physical properties of that material. He accepts anything you offer through his eyes. He responds to your prayers in your heart!

God exists everywhere, however these are the two forms that we can see and perceive with our current bodies (made of the five elements of nature). If you don’t believe in this, you cannot experience God and his illimitable love and power! If you believe in it, you are with the treasure of all treasures forever! All you then need to do is just relish God and his company in everything and everyone around us!


– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Swamiji added, ‘ Sriman Subbarayudu Garu spent his retirement fund in construction of this beautiful Venkateswara Swami temple, and we hope that you all make it a point to take responsibility in serving Lord and collectively working for the betterment of the entire neighbourhood. After all, isn’t that the way to show your love and gratitude to God?’

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