Guru Purnima, Chaturmasya Deeksha – 2020

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister visits Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Hanuman Jayanthi at Divya Saketham – 2020

DAY 4 – 11th Brahmotsavam

DAY 3 – 11th Brahmotsavam

Who is a Sadhu?

For A Stronger Nation

P.B. Annangaracharya Swami Letter about Jeeyar Swami

Brahmotsavam, A Beautiful Expression of Jubilant Brahma!

DAY 2 – 11th Brahmotsavam

DAY 1 – 11th Brahmotsavam

DAY 5 – Sri Ramanujacharya Thirunakshatram

DAY 4 – Sri Ramanujacharya Thirunakshatram

DAY 3 – Sri Ramanujacharya Thirunakshatram

DAY 2 – Sri Ramanujacharya Thirunakshatram

DAY 1 – Sri Ramanujacharya Thirunakshatram

Lord Maha Lakshmi Thirunakshatram and Vasanthotsavam

Corona Virus, Boost Immunity at Core Level

Sri Sitarama Kalyanam in Divyaketham during Sriramanavami

Join For World Peace Prayerin Divya Saketham

New Lunar Year Begins

Vaikunta Ekadasi

Kalyana Venkateswara Swami

Is Social Service a Spiritual Activity?

Role of Hanuman in your Life

Ruchi and Suchi

The Majestic 81 Feet Virat Venkateswara

We are all Family

Don’t Panic, Build a Shield

Work Like Hanuman

Mahamahopadhyaya, Sri Samudrala Venkata Ranga Ramanujacharya Swami

Pride, a Virtue or Vice?

Lightning and Life

Life After Death

Sri Vasudeva Perumal of the Fifteenth Century

Medical Treatment in the Era of Sri Rama Chandra

Divine and Remarkable Experience, says MP Ex CM Sri Shivaraj Singh Chouhan!

Source of Unlimited Support

Mother Sitha’s Prayer to Godavari River

Ancient Wisdom as Base for Modern-Day Policy Formation

Malayala Divya Desa Yatra – 3 Days, 13 Divya Desams, 600 Devotees

Why is Bhagavad Gita Important to You?

One Hiranyaksha in the Past, Hundreds Today!

Gateway to the Greatest Way

Need Peace and Joy? Transform Karma to Yajna


Poor memory? Here’s the remedy that helped Brahma!

Two Wicks in a Diya


Got a query about life? Ramayana is your Google!

Yathiraja sahodari – The Beloved Sister of Ramanujacharya!

Yathiraja sahodari – The Beloved Sister of Ramanujacharya!


A major deficiency and its treatment!


What makes God a Super Power?


Maha Sudarsana Homam at Yadadri, KCR Meets Swamiji for guidance


Mobile Mandirs (Moving temples)!

Consoling a Crying Cloud

Consoling a Crying Cloud?

An Interesting Gift to God

An Interesting Gift to God


OMG – Oh My God!

Guru Purnima – Vedic Wisdom in Five Levels

The Divine Link with God

The Spirit of Spine.

The Spirit of Spine

Moksha in 48 Minutes!?

God’s Role in our Success

Varuna Yagam, the solution for water scarcity problem?

What does the Red and the White signify?

Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty

International Yoga Day at JIVA

Meerabai’s Compositions now in Urdu

A Missing step in Water Cycle!?

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The Sataari and its Significance

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