All the volunteers of VT Seva are drawn together with the hope of helping someone out. ‘You don’t need a reason to help someone’, that is the hope of all humanity, that is the reason & motto of this organization. Seattle team has been fortunate to get support from hundreds of generous people across the world to help raise for multiple emergency medical cases. With the dynamic leadership of our CEO and the level of transparency that we provide to our donors, we’ve got ourselves a strong patronage of new volunteers who don’t think twice when we take up new campaigns. One key take away that we’ve observed is that, always keep your donors updated on the case and sincerely thank them for their support.

Following are the few cases we’ve been fortunate to be part of

  1. Sai Kusuma, a sweet 3 yr old unfortunately was suffering from Blood Cancer Leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy in Vellore Medical College when we got to know her. The cost for this treatment was estimated to be around 7 lakhs. Their Parents Srinivas, works for a small private bank and mother Mahalakshmi was a housewife. They spent all their little savings for Sai’s treatment and nothing left to tackle this huge expense.

A huge thanks to all the generous volunteers who have come together to save this little angel. We’ve successfully raised all the 7 lakhs. Sai has recovered from Cancer and is now going back to school.

  1. Chiranjeevi, a 16yr old boy studying 11th grade was fighting Cancer and fortunately was covered by local governments Aroyashree program. However with the limits the program had, he could not pay for dialysis. His father was a normal construction worker and didn’t had enough for the dialysis, transportation, food and medicines.

With the help of generous volunteers, VT Seva was able to help Chiranjeevi by donating Rs.50,000 for this dialysis costs. He’s undergone the surgery and is in the path of recovery.

  1. Moukthika Sai was a 10 yr old girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy and unable to walk on her own from birth. She was born early in 7th month (pre-mature) and was kept in incubator for 45 days in a Neonatal Hospital at Visakhapatnam. Their entire savings were exhausted during this hospitalization. She needed to undergo 6 surgeries which cost them INR 2 lakhs. They are lower middle class family and the father is working in a local English newspaper.

With the help of generous volunteers, VT Seva was able to raise all the funds. Moukthika’s surgeries were successful and she is now able to walk on her own.


  1. Gayathri – an 8 yr old girl who had been suffering from fromJuvenile right Thoriac Scoliosis (is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side). Our hearts melted looking at the state of an 8yr old who should be playing joyfully outside, but is suffering from pain. The operation would cost this poor family about Rs. 4.5 Lakhs. Gayathri’s father is an auto-driver and mother a house wife.


With the help of all generous volunteers, VTSEVA was able to raise all the funds required for Gayathri’s operation. After going through 7 long hours of operation, doctors confirmed the operation as a huge success. Below is the picture after her surgery, how much can you pay to get that smile on this little angel’s face?


  1. Tarun Yandrathi – a 10yr old boy, Tarun Yandrathi, who is suffering from a genetic disorder called ‘Beta Thalassaemia Major/Sickle Cell Anemia/Thal-Sickle’ from his young age and the only cure to save him is to undergo a ‘Allogenic Peripheral blood Stem cell transplant (PBSCT)’. His 5 yr old Sister ‘PragnaYandrathi’ will be the donor for stem cell. The cost of PBSCT is coming up to around 12 lakh rupees (around $23,529) performed at ‘Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore.

Parents – Venkatesan & Aruna Yandrathi used to be farmers and have nothing for themselves. They’ve sold their property and spent all the money for Tarun’s treatment for blood transfusion every 3 weeks to survive. Currently, they work  at  a milk booth in Hyderabad and earn around Rs.2,500 per month.

With the help of all generous volunteers, VTSEVA was able to raise all 12 lakhs that are needed for Tarun’s operation. Tarun operation was successful and is back to school.

  1. Bhanu Shashank 7 years old Master Bhanu Shashank was suffering with chronic kidney disease stage 5(End Stage Renal Disease) due to D – Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, first diagnosed in February 2010. He has been on Hemodialysis for 19 months. Peritoneal dialysis catheter did not work the second time due to adhesions in peritoneal cavity following peritonitis. Hemodialysis was the only option for this young boy. He undergoes HD 3-4 times a week and also required Plasma Exchange as part of his therapy. He has been listed on the Deceased Donor (Cadaveric) kidney transplantation program and his operation was scheduled for 3rd week of November.

Bhanu Shashank is the only son to his parents who hail from a low-middle socioeconomic status. The father is the only working member of the family. The family has already spent Rs 14 lacs over’the past 20 months and are expected to incur additional Rs 7 lacs(Rupees Seven lacs) expenses towards kidney transplantation (including peritransplant Plasma Exchange). The family had to borrow loans to meet the boy’s medical expenditure despite concessions from the hospital.  They are in desperate need of funds towards this final operation of kidney transplantation.


With the help of all generous volunteers, VTSEVA was able to raise all required funds for Bhanu’s surgery. The surgery was successful and Bhanu is now back to school enjoying his childhood. Here is an emotional response from his dad.

  1. Vishnu – 28 Year old Vishnu, suffering from end stage renal disease, a state of where his two kidneys have failed and undergoing dialysis treatment (a temporary method till kidney transplantation) . Call it as light at the end of tunnel or mere god’s grace, he found a donor (his father’s brother) and all he needed was our support for this major operation. His father, D.Narasimha used to work as an accountant in a small garments export shop, he has spent all his saving of almost 3 lakhs for his hospital treatment and every month for medicines and hemoglobin injections. His father is also suffering from heart disease and had to stop work for the same reason, his mother is a housewife. They spend almost 2 – 3 thousand on his father’s medicines. The only place they have is a .5 acre of agricultural land which costs about 1lakh. The cost of the treatment is estimated to be around Rs. 5,20,000/- (Five lakhs and twenty thousand).

With the support of all the generous volunteers, VTSeva was able to raise all the required funds to get Vishnu’s operation going. The operation was a great success and Vishnu is on the path to recovery

  1. Srisanth – 6 Year old boy, Srisanth, who has suffering from liver cancer and is in need of a liver transplant to survive. He is currently being treated in global hospitals in Hyderabad. The cost for this treatment is estimated to be 15 lakh rupees (around $25,000).Srisanth’s father is a school teacher and has been spending all his little earnings towards Srisanth’s medicines, he had no other savings or means to come up with that huge amount to save his son. He was in a very doleful situation and reached out to all the generous & compassionate people who can be a part to save his son’s life

With the help of all the generous volunteers, VTSeva was able to raise all the funds required to save Srisanth.

  1. Vaibhav – Vaibhav is a 12yr young boy who accidently fell 60 feet from a cliff while playing. His head got injured and started bleeding heavily from head, eyes & ears. As they are from a small village where there is absolutely no medical facility available, they took him to a city where the doctors said with the equipment they have, it is difficult to save him. They then rushed to Sagar Apollo hospital in Bangalore. After a scan, multiple blood clots in his brain were removed. Vaibhav’s father is a priest in that village and mother a housewife, they already spend 3 lakhs amount that they have saved and Vaibhav is their only son.

Sagar hospital mentioned that it would cost about 15 lakhs for all the multiple fractures they are noticing. Not sure what’ll be the outcome of all the operations he has to go through, but we sincerely hope we’ll be able to save this little one

With the help of generous donors from US and India, VTSeva was able to raise all the funds required to save Vaibhav. He is doing better and is on the path to recovery.


  1. Jeeth – One year oldJeeth was suffering from Thalassemia Major, which is considered as genetic condition and cannot be treated by any normal surgery or by medication. The only best way to cure this is to do a “Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)”

VTSeva raised 12 Lakh rupees to support this BMT surgery and was able to save Jeeth. Coming 4 months will be very crucial days ,every week there will be a follow-up to check his CMV level and GVHD condition for a duration of 3 months.  After 2-3 months depending upon his physical condition they will decide how often we should visit hospital for follow-ups for further medication.


Back in the year 1890, Oscar Wilde had said “Now-a-days, people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” Those words are just as true today as they were over a 100 years ago. We know the price of these activities, cost in terms of money, time, and effort. But we are still unable to accurately measure the value of the hope, the smile, the fulfilled and fulfilling dreams of children with chronic illnesses in India and many more causes. We are not able to measure the true value of the satisfaction we achieved in providing these services. All we know is… We Served… We helped others… And in return, we served and helped ourselves.