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Question : What is the birthplace of Swami Ramanuja?

Posted On : 09-04-2021

ANSWER : Sri Perumbudu:r

Question : *** Swami Answers series ***

Q : How can belief in God in controlling our bad emotions like anger?

A : When we think we are answerable to each other, the problem comes and emotions rise high. However, if one considers God as the boss at home to whom one is answerable, it helps in controlling anger. Our job is to let Him know of everything and accept whatever He does.

Detailed Explanation from Swami:

At office, people work together in teams and there are people who work hard and those who laze around. How much ever one is irritated and angry on the one who is lazy, there is no yelling and shouting. Everyone completes the work as a team. Any complaints are made to the boss with the belief that the boss will take care of things. The reason we control our emotions because of the boss above us, who we believe is the right one to take action on such issues. Similarly, at home God is the boss. And everyone at home is answerable to Him and not to each other. When we think we are answerable to each other the problem comes. Just like office, everyone in the house has God as a boss who is there to take care of everything and our job is to let Him Know and accept whatever He does. The quarrels that are caused by thinking that we are the boss will deplete our own ability and lead the mind in unnecessary paths.

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Posted On : 08-04-2021


Question : Lord Rama gave the vigraha of Lord Ranganatha to
(1) Sugri:va
(2) Vibhi:shana
(3) Hanuman

Posted On : 07-04-2021

ANSWER : Ans (2)

Question : Which king of Ayodhya got the vigraha of Lord Ranganatha first?

Posted On : 06-04-2021

ANSWER : King Ikshvaku

Question : Who got the vigraha of Lord Ranganatha on Adisesha from Lord Vishnu after doing penance?

Posted On : 05-04-2021

ANSWER : Lord Bramha:

Question : Who mediates between Lord Ranganatha and Thayar Ranganayaki to resolve during the Pranaya Kalaga Utsavam
(1) Thiruppanazhvar
(2) Thirumangai Azhvar
(3) Swami Ramanuja
(4) Swami Nammazhvar

Posted On : 04-04-2021

ANSWER : Ans (4)

Question : During A:di Bramhotsavam, on Panguni Uthram day When Lord Ranganatha comes back to SriRangam , tha:yar closes the door on Him. What is this utsavam called
(1) Pranaya Kalaga Utsavam
(2) Vedu Pari
(3) Adhyayana utsavam
(4) Pavitro:tsavam

Posted On : 03-04-2021

ANSWER : Ans (1)