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Question : *** Swami Answers series - Rapid Fire round - Questions from children ***

Q : If we know something is bad, why do we end up doing bad things?

A : We end up doing bad things because of weakness. We know that movie watching is bad to eyes but the weakness in us, make us watch. We know that drinking coffee is bad, but we cannot stop it. Though we know many things are bad, we do it because of weakness, thinking that they need to be enjoyed.

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Posted On : 29-07-2021


Question : The nama and meanings
(1) Arthaha (431)
(2) Anarthaha (432)

(a) The goal. He is the only goal for those with superior attainments who is exclusively devoted to Him
(b) He who is not the goal. He is not sought by the person who is only after wealth

Posted On : 28-07-2021

ANSWER : 1 - a
2 - b

Question : The meaning of the na:ma Ana:di nidhanaha in Vishnu Sahasranama
(1) One who is without beginning or end
(2) One who is formless
(3) One who is the endless creator

Posted On : 27-07-2021

ANSWER : Ans (1)

Question : How many times does the na:ma Prabhuhu come in Vishnu Sahasranama?

Posted On : 26-07-2021

ANSWER : Twice (35 in sthothram 4, 300 in sthothram 32)

Question : The na:ma Prabhuhu means
(1) The supreme ruler
(2) He who is all powerful
(3) He who is the controller of everything

Posted On : 25-07-2021

ANSWER : Ans (1)

Question : What does the na:ma Na:ra:yaNaha (246) mean?
(1) The supporter of hosts of individual souls
(2) He who is imperishable
(3) He who is superior

Posted On : 24-07-2021

ANSWER : Ans (1)

Question : How many times does the na:ma Na:ra:yaNaha come in Vishnu Sahasrana:ma?

Posted On : 23-07-2021

ANSWER : Once (246 in 16th sthothram)