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Question : *** Swami Answers series ***

Q : I do not understand the meaning of slokas I recite. So what is the point of reciting them?

A : Whether one knows the meaning of a sloka or not, it does not matter. Just like how the sound of a cuckoo brings us joy even if we dont understand the meaning, chanting the sloka helps one to experience the joy. If the meaning is known, then it is even more joyful.

Detailed Explanation from Swami:

Slokas are the outpourings of the people who felt incessant love for God . Slokas are not something that one creates because of their knowledge in Sanskrit, or for any kind of benefit. Slokas came out of pure love. Hence when one recites it with the same love and intention, it brings in the same effect to them as it did with its creator. Whether one knows the meaning or not, it doesn’t matter. When the cuckoo sings, it brings us joy even if we don’t understand the meaning. Similarly chanting of the sloka brings us joy whether we know the meaning or not. The joy is multiplied if one understands the meaning as well.

Something for us to ponder - We spend energy and effort on many activities that don’t give us any kind of benefit. Do we stop doing them? When there are people with experience who got the benefit, why should we leave it? So do not stop reciting slokas. Out of the many slokas present, learn whatever suits you, and enjoy. You will definitely see the benefit.

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Posted On : 21-01-2021


Question : Jai Srimannarayana.

Congratulations to winners - 19 Dec 2020 to 18 Jan 2021:

1. Neela Devi Nerella

2. Padma Parthasarathy

3. Harshita Mattapalli and Haritha Mangalagiri

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Posted On : 20-01-2021


Question : In Na:yakana:i pa:suram in thiruppavai (16th) who does Nandagopa represent
(1) Parama:tma
(2) Bha:gavata
(3) A:cha:rya
(4) Guard of Krishna

Posted On : 19-01-2021

ANSWER : Ans (3)

Question : The Lord also killed Cha:nu:ra and Mushtika who represent ____ & ____ in us that the Lord can help remove

Posted On : 18-01-2021

ANSWER : The Lord also killed Cha:nu:ra and Mushtika who represent ka:mam & kro:dam in us that the Lord can help remove

Question : The tusks of elephant kuvalaiya:pi:dam represent ___ & ____ in us which can only be removed by the Lord.

Posted On : 17-01-2021

ANSWER : The tusks of elephant kuvalaiya:pi:dam represent ahamka:ram & mamaka:ram in us which can only be removed by the Lord.

Question : 'na:ne: dha:n a:yiduga' in 15h pa:suram talks about
(1) A Sri Vaishnava even if blamed for something that they did not do by another will accept it and move on.
(2) A Sri Vaishnava wont say harsh words to others
(3) A SriVaishnava cannot bear separation from other Sri Vaishnavas even for a kshanam (small amount of time)

Posted On : 16-01-2021

ANSWER : Ans (1)

Question : Who is the one that killed the val a:nai (val a:nai konra:nai) mentioned in 15th pa:suram?

Posted On : 15-01-2021

ANSWER : Lord Krishna