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Question : Identify the Acharya in the image. Its also his Thirunakshattiram today.
Thirumangai Azhvar Thiruvadigale Saranam

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Posted On : 07-12-2022

ANSWER : Swami Nampillai, Triplicane

Question : Identify who is in the image.

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Posted On : 06-12-2022

ANSWER : Thirumangai Azhvar, Thirunagari
Thirumangai Azhvar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Question : On Kaisika Dwa:dasi day __________ acharya (900 - 1000 years back) chanted the Kaisika Pura:nam in front of Lord Sri Rangana:tha who was very pleased. The recital of Kaishika puranam still continues in Srirangam on Kaisika Dwadasi from then on.

Posted On : 05-12-2022

ANSWER : Swa:mi Sri Parasara Bhattar

Question : Kaisika Pura:nam comes in __________ Pura:Nam

(1) Varaha Pura:nam
(2) Vishnu Puranam
(3) Va:mana Purana
(4) Matsya Pura:na

Posted On : 04-12-2022

ANSWER : Ans (1)

Question : The na:ma 'Dakshaha' means (check all that applies )

(1) He who moves quickly
(2) He who is quick in action
(3) He who tests the actions of His devotees
(4) He who is strong

Posted On : 03-12-2022

ANSWER : Ans (1,2)
(1) He who moves quickly (Nama 917 - He came to the rescuse of the elephant immediately)
(2) He who is quick in action - (Nama 424)

Question : Jai Sriman Narayana
yesterday we missed askign a question but have uploaded it now . Submit yesterdays answer as well today. Mark it as yesterdays answer when you reply

Tha na:ma 'Dakshaha' occurs how many times? Bonus for letting know the numbers of the na:ma's

Posted On : 02-12-2022

ANSWER : 2 (917, 424)

Question : What is the meaning of the na:ma 'dakshiNaha' (918)

(1) Facing the south direction
(2) Does not like the south direction
(3)The one who gives alms whenever asked
(4) He who is pleasing and amiable

Posted On : 01-12-2022

ANSWER : Ans (4)