Flowers should not be worn by people at Tirumala:

Flower garlands are not to be worn by people on the Tirumala. Hills. While people were generally follow­ing the injunctions laid down by Ramanuja without any reservations to the great pleasure of the Lord, a disciple of Tirumalai Nambi given to ‘rajas’ and `tamas’ (unde­sirable qualities) wore the flowers intended for the Lord on his head. The same night the Lord appeared in the dream of Narubi and complained: “Come! Dear Nambi! Your disciple, with =desirable intentions offended Me in the matter of fragrant materials (flowers). Nambi woke up and felt very sorry and disturbed in mind Next morn­ing he went to the temple and supplicated thus: “My Lord I beg of you not to present the garlands worn by you to anybody. Because of the severity of this Kali age even good people are prone to sin. If you do not give your garlands to anyone, none can go about saying “I am wear­ing the garland-prasad-worn by the Lord”. Then fearing punishment from the king no person would engage openly in sinful acts. If there is, a royal order that none should wear flowers and flower garlands, this and similar plea­sures would gradually disappear. So please grant my humble request and be firm in it..”

Lord Srinivasa heard this supplication and replied through the voice of the archaka (priest) thus: “Comet Dear Nambi! My incarnation as archa (icon -forin) is mainly to fulfill the wishes of my devotees. So, in or­der to fulfill your wish, I will not hereafter give my gar­lands to anyone as prasada.•These may be offered to at­tendant deities like Vishwaksena or deposited in the Poolabhavi (flower well). This shall be my firm com­mand.” Sri Ramanuja felt extremely happy when he came to know of this command of the Lord.