Two Wicks in a Diya

Have you ever wondered why we light deepam with two wicks? Why do we use oil? Do you also wonder about the ...
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Ancient Wisdom must drive Our Policies

Ancient Wisdom as Base for Modern-Day Policy Formation

Modern scientists and technologists must embrace ancient wisdom to ensure we do not make “advancements” that harm the foundation of ...
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Happy Karthika Pournami

Hartum tamaha sadasati:cha vive:ktumi:so: maanam pradeepamaiva kaaruniko dadaati Te:na:valo:kya krutinaha paribhunjate: tam Tatraiva ke:pi chapala:ssalabhi: bhavanti - Sri Rangaraja sthavam ...
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Hanuman, a Symbol of Humility

Sugriva ordered all his forces, “return within one month; otherwise, you will be punished by execution. However, if you find ...
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Happy Utthana Ekadasi – Lord Wakes Up after Four Months (3)

Happy Utthana Ekadasi

Happy Utthana Ekadasi!  We celebrate this day as  Lord (parandhama) who is in yoga nidra on paalkadali (mighty milky ocean), ...
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Worship Your Parents

There was a man who fed his elderly parents in plates made from mud, while he ate in plates made ...
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E.V. Ramasamy and Pedda Jeeyar Swami – an Atheist versus a Jeeyar (2)

E.V.Ramasamy Naicker and Pedda Jeeyar Swami – an Atheist versus a Jeeyar

For all those who have either participated and/or witnessed debates on the ‘existence of God’ – we present you a ...
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Are you blocked everywhere Here’s the way out!

Are you blocked everywhere? Here’s the way out!

Someone asked a Vedic scholar, “Can you chant a mantra to shed tamarind from its tree?”. One of his students ...
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Oxygen is O2, Man is

Oxygen is codified by O2, Man is codified by what?

The periodic table lists more than a hundred known elements and their corresponding symbols. Among them, one of the most ...
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