Ekanta seva to Krishna during Margasirsha:

According to usage in Tirumala one of the five forms of the Lord Bhoga Srinivasa (AlagaP iran the Beautiful one) is being put to bed on a decorated cot every night as) the last item of puja (Ekanta seva). Sri Ramanuja found the ag.ama in another branch) permits Krishna being put to bed at the time of Ekanta Seva. So he commanded that Sri Krishna (image) be put to bed during Ekanta seva during the Dhanur masa, and that Bhoga Srinivasa be the `bed-deity’ (sayana bhera) for the other eleven months. The reason which prompted Sri Ramanuj a’s command is this:

Sri Goda Lakshmi (Andal) an incarnation of Bhudevi, a consort of the Lord, was particularly devoted to Sri Venkateswara. The opening verse of her Nachiar Tirumoli contains a prayer that the god of Love should join her with Venkateswara. The Tiruppavai which is spe­cially sung during dhanurmasa in all Vishnu temples is mainly addressed to Krishna and in many verses, Andal calls Krishna to wake up from bed (Suprabhatam). It is thus appropriate that Sri Venkateswara, in the form of Krishna goes to bed during this month and pleases Andal. Further putting Krishna to bed is in accordance with ag­arnic tradition. From that time the Krishna icon is put to bed at Tirumala on the thirty days of Dhanur masa.