Arrogance can become a major obstacle in achieving your goals. Let’s see how it is an obstacle for receiving God’s grace.

This body is  made of the five elements of nature (a paancha bhowtika sareera) and is given to experience the results of our past actions, karma! If we are not arrogant, God would have given us a different, highly sophisticated and capable body, (pancha upanishanmaya sareera) a body that is useful to serve Lord and His divine objectives selflessly!

Prahlada was not arrogant and so God’s grace had no hindrance on him, protecting him from any obstacle and allowing him to be an instrument of God!

Arrogance within us is like a mountain; God’s grace is like water. Water flows on levelled land and not elevated land. If you maintain modesty(levelled land) in true state, i.e. understanding who you are, where you hail from, your goal, your advisers/supporters, your hindrances, God’s grace will begin to protect you from the impact of your arrogance!

Defined as: ‘అనహం అహం క్రియతే ఇతి అహంకార:’

Arrogance or Ego makes one believe of himself to be something other than what one truly is!

So, what actually am I?

Your natural state (arrogance free state) is filled with ultimate JOY(aananda) and ultimate KNOWLEDGE (jna:na). Knowledge is that knowledge which makes one Submissive to the Supreme power, God. Joy is that joy which is experienced as one serves the Lord and his objectives!

Okay! then, What am I NOT?

You are NOT defined by external beauty, your educational qualifications, your wealth or your lineage! All these are attributes of the body given to you.

While your body is inseparable from you, you are still a different entity altogether – recognise the difference between yourself and your body, both of which are under the control of God!!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, 15th June 2018

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