Before few months I have purchased two books , in thirst of knowing about Lord Narayana and mother Goddess Lakshmi ,The books are 1.An Introduction to Lord Vishnu; 2.Godess Lakshmi an Introduction , By Devdutta Pattanaik

In those books there r many things which make me sad , He tells that Draupadi is Bhudevi incarnation, And Mother Lakshmi is like a sister or even wife to Kubera , And many other things. Please kindly give me the truth.


Jai Srimannarayana Sheelaji!

We have gone through your mail. Also observed the reply given to you by our Sri Vishnuji. It is nice.

In olden days Gods used to play with human beings. Probably to give a repartee, now a days human beings are playing with Gods. They stopped creating man and man started creating Gods.

In olden days, we used to hear few stories about Ganesa, that he was the son of Lord Siva & Parvithi, having two wives viz, Siddhi and Buddhi. But now a days, my god, it is unbelievable that Ganesa appearing in somany forms. Some, Lakshmi Ganapathi also appeared from some corner. We do not know when and where he came from. And also we do not know whether his parents know something about Lakshmi or not. All this type of writings are nothing but their own creations and ultimately they impose these things in puranas and say, that some Rishi has written them. We have sufficient evidences about our own gods, fortunately. So, you need not believe all the non-sence from x, y, z books.


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