Life, Love and Lord

Children love playing, teens love music, adults enjoy sharing fun times with loved ones. There are other activities that people are fond of. But, at what point in life does one fall in love with the Lord?   When you

Act of Compassion

Over 2 lakh people lost their lives and more than 30 lakh people are suffering due to Covid-19 across the world today. What did our rushis say about such periodic large scale suffering and deaths? It is said that

Globalisation, time to Redefine?

What originated in Wuhan, a province in China has now become a global pandemic impacting the lives of everyone in the world. This is one of the ill effects of the current version of globalization. If the countries are

New Lunar Year Begins

New lunar year is named Sa:rvari, meaning 'darkness'. That may sound scary. But, there is always a way to prepare yourself to handle any kind of 'darkness'. If you can prepare to "hold a light" with yourself, then darkness